Requests for Guy to deliver inspiration range widely, however his most requested talks focus on:

  • Working with Fathers
  • The 7 Building Blocks of Support Needed by Men
  • The 5 Habits of Good Fathers that Build Strong Children
  • The Spirit of Fatherhood
  • Men and Boys heal differently, a guide for teachers and helping professionals. 

My Story

Guy Bowling is the former Director of the FATHER Project, a federally funded responsible fatherhood program consisting of public/private partnerships.  In that role, he has overseen the successful implementation of 3 federally funded grants. Including a five-year $2.5 million annual grant project in 2012 funded through the federal Department of Health and Human Services, through the Office of Family Assistance (OFA).

His specific area of focus is working with low-income, non-custodial, never married fathers and their families in culturally specific, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and rural communities. As a nationally recognized fatherhood leader and speaker, Mr. Bowling has delivered more than 450 fatherhood trainings, keynotes, consultations and workshops with public/private agencies in 30 states, and two countries over his 25+ year career. In 2012, the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) inducted Guy into the prestigious Fatherhood Hall of Fame where he received the Ronald F. Johnson Award for the impact of his fatherhood work as a practitioner and advocate.

In 2013 Mr. Bowling was selected as a fellow of the first cohort of the National Practitioners Leadership Institute through the Center for Urban Families and also received an invitation to the White House Conference Center. He received the Outstanding Individual of the Year Award at the 2014 Minnesota Fathers and Families Network Annual Conference. Born in Chicago, Illinois Guy grew up in North Minneapolis, MN where he annually hosts the Festival of Fathers & Families event, the largest fatherhood convening’s statewide focused on building relationships, co-parenting, connecting, celebrating fatherhood and providing resources for Fathers, Men, Boys and Families.

He is the proud father of David Edward, Averi Diana and grandchildren Gabriella Rae and Jaden Edward. He is pursuing a Master’s of Public Affairs (MPA) program at the University of Minnesota in Fall of 2020. He was recently selected as a 2020 Bush Fellow through the Bush Foundation Fellowship Program, and will use this award to further his father empowerment studies while working to engage program alumni to improve police relations and influence the re-shaping of public safety.

Training Services

Parent Group Facilitator

12-week Young Dads/Moms Curriculum Training (PGF)

Train The Trainer

Parent Group Facilitator (PGF) Train the Trainer

Plan It

Curriculum How to Develop a Business Plan

Effective Strategies to Engage Fathers in Programming

How to Recruit/Retain Fathers

Certification Training

For family practitioners and other community-based organizations working with Fathers, Mothers and Youth of Fragile Families

Consulting Services

Technical assistance, coaching, and support to help individuals and organizations with planning, partnership development and management, program design, implementation, and evaluation strategies that lead to quality service delivery.

Project Management



30th Anniversary Celebration Minnesota Festival for Fathers & Families

Public Speaking

Requests for Guy to deliver inspiration range widely, however his most requested talks focus on:  • Working with Fathers  • The 7 Building Blocks of Support Needed by Men • The 5 Habits of Good Fathers that Build Strong Children  • The Spirit of Fatherhood  • Men and Boys heal differently, a guide for teachers and helping  professionals


  • Understanding the value of Mommy and Daddy!
  • The kind of girl/boy I want to be
  • How to stay focused on school and out of trouble

Professionals & Management

  • What does it mean to start a Non-Profit?
  • Creating A Simple Business Plan
  • Combining personal interests & business for the future
  • Effective Strategies working with dads
  • How to recruit and retain fathers in programs


  • Interacting with community members
  • How to serve families hindered by legal boundaries
  • How can YOU help families through your work position?


  • Mr. Bowling has a gift, a talent and a love for others that just exudes from him. He helped me understand and believe in myself as a parent, except the fact that my kids drug use is “not a reflection of my parenting” and that it was OK to laugh and smile and be myself, even during some crappy times… And like you said, things got better!

    Tina C.
  • Guy, the educational bits you offered us were expertly presented and the techniques once applied are valuable for every facet of life.” ~Sue M. Minnesota~

    Sue M.
  • Very engaging & entertaining, would make a great keynote speaker on ANY topic

    Registered Participant
  • What a fabulous speaker!

    Workshop Participant
  • Guy’s appeal is universal. Audiences roll with laughter and applaud with enthusiasm for this speaker who does more than entertain and educate …he touches people’s lives. Mr. Bowling’s talks are emotionally powerful, intellectually penetrating, and memorable for the humor & his magical delivery that has become his trademark.


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